Sorry for the late post, I forgot to schedule one. This will be the post, since I can't think of anything.


My Apologies

I'm sorry for not posting these past two Sundays, I've been busy doing homework and other stuff. I'll try and schedule a few posts for the next few weeks. -Thegamingbearsite.

Pettopia Info

Hi! Internets down at the time of writing, so this post might not be on Sunday. Pettopia's development is going well. I'm stalling working on the first actual mission of the island. Here's a preview of the map I'm currently working on. Sorry it isn't directly from the program, I'm writing this post from my... Continue Reading →

Sunday Post

For the first time in forever, I remembered a Sunday Posttttt! So yeah. In Pettopia I've completed work on the first island. The first island should take about 20 minutes to complete for the average player. OH! And here's a blog-exclusive hint. Looking for Petite? Look for the blue butterflies, the petite should be nearby.

For some reason, Pettopia won't update on Steam, so I'm going to have to do what I did for Demoquest. Oh and I'm not updating Demoquest anymore.

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