1 year bloggiversary thank you post.

To All Readers of TheGamingBearSite, Thank you for reading my blog. It has been one year, and a journey of missed posts, days where I post 20 posts, and months where I post nothing at all. You have stuck with me through development and hard times. Even though no many people read my blog, I... Continue Reading →


Isn't it crazy that I've got about a quarter to a fifth of the views on my blog, despite having it for equal amounts of time in both years?

Teacher: You're probably going to have to read through the book more than once to understand it. Me: CHALLANGE ACCEPTED! Also Happy Blog Anniversary! Celebration post due today! Written on the spot. 🙂

Guilty Doggo

(On a side note, the hiatus will end in ~12 days, but I will post in between then and now. (Probably)) -TheGamingBearSite


Sorry for the late post, I forgot to schedule one. This will be the post, since I can't think of anything.

My Apologies

I'm sorry for not posting these past two Sundays, I've been busy doing homework and other stuff. I'll try and schedule a few posts for the next few weeks. -Thegamingbearsite.

Pettopia Info

Hi! Internets down at the time of writing, so this post might not be on Sunday. Pettopia's development is going well. I'm stalling working on the first actual mission of the island. Here's a preview of the map I'm currently working on. Sorry it isn't directly from the program, I'm writing this post from my... Continue Reading →

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