Sunday #1 : Rain & Portal

You know what is odd? For my 2 years in Taiwan, I missed British weather. Two months later an I’m already sick of it. Literally and figuratively. I’ve got a bad cold. Here is a poem. Rain, Rain, You are a pain, You make the plants grow, And You blocked up my nose. Feel free... Continue Reading →


Blog Reboot

The Blog is getting a Reboot! I will change the theme and when I post! I will also change what I post about. I will post less about planned features and ONLY completed features, so I don’t feel pressured and abandon the project. I’ll post finished graphics and occasionally life stuff. I haven’t been posting... Continue Reading →

1 year bloggiversary thank you post.

To All Readers of TheGamingBearSite, Thank you for reading my blog. It has been one year, and a journey of missed posts, days where I post 20 posts, and months where I post nothing at all. You have stuck with me through development and hard times. Even though no many people read my blog, I... Continue Reading →

Isn't it crazy that I've got about a quarter to a fifth of the views on my blog, despite having it for equal amounts of time in both years?

Teacher: You're probably going to have to read through the book more than once to understand it. Me: CHALLANGE ACCEPTED! Also Happy Blog Anniversary! Celebration post due today! Written on the spot. 🙂

Guilty Doggo

(On a side note, the hiatus will end in ~12 days, but I will post in between then and now. (Probably)) -TheGamingBearSite

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