Hi guys! Welcome to your Random Post! I’m preparing this on Monday, 17th October, so things may be outdated! Anyway. The topic I’m talking about is homework. Homework can be quite stressful. I should know. For some of the G&T, you’re put under a lot of pressure to do good work. It doesn’t help for some (like me) to have lots of meetings, etc. Homework is another thing adding to the stress. You have time limits to do this, do that, and you can easily forget it. It doesn’t help that you’re worrying about all the meetings, or you have to stay after school, giving you less time. You, if you’re lucky, can be in a school with no homework. This happened to me for ~5 years, but now I’m going to a school where you have homework. D:

Over and out!

-The Gaming Bear Site


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