I’m Back (Post Number 3)

Hi guys! I’m back. I haven’t been able to post much recently. (School and sleep deprivation) I’ll try to post every Sunday! (In Taiwan at least) I’ve got a video prepared for you – It might be up in an hour-ish, depending on how long it takes to upload and process – and it’s a video on how to make TEA! It has an annoying watermark in the bottom right, but that’s because I didn’t want people to take it as theirs. It won’t be on youtube, because I want my blog readers to get it exclusively. I might be a games youtuber sometime in the future,  but not now. If I do, you guys will get the video a few hours early, because I’ll need to back up my videos in google drive. So yeah! See you in about an hour!


EDIT: About 3 1/2 Hours Now. Might be Tomorrow you get it D:

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