Mountain Update Release

So! Hi guys! Welcome to the MOUNTAIN UPDATE-ATE-ATE-ATE! It’s the biggest update yet, and it’s just been released. The download link is here. Read below for the new features.

Bug Fixes

-I didn’t realize this one, until my brother pointed it out. When you enter one of the apartmentsBug Entry.PNG

you will be off slightly with the exit. Now, It’s fixed!

Apartment Fix

New Features

-As you already know, there is a mountain that will be added in the update. Well, it is Added!!! Mountain

The only purpose of the mountain is to battle, to get “Goods”.

-The NPCs’ Have Names! Yes, I have finally got round to it! It was one of the last things I added in.



-I am now working on a new town, more of a fun thing, but it is accessible in this version! I don’t want to spoil it for you, so here’s a picture of the house I’m working on. NewHouse.PNG

I can’t tell you what’s in the village, but it is funny.

-Oh, and I forgot. I added this:Ultimate Challenge

So yeah. That’s all for the mountain update. The link is at the top, but I’ll put it here as well.

See you all!

-The Gaming Bear.


2 thoughts on “Mountain Update Release

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  1. It’s nice so far! I found a minor bug in the “Norm Town”. When you leave the house with the “hyper” kid, you appear in front of the inn instead of the family’s house. Nothing “game-breaking”, but well…


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