Demoquest Topic 1, City

Hi guys, in this post, I  will be answering your questions about the city map. First of all, if you are wondering why it isn’t being updated, it’s because the dimensions of the map are 50 by 75. That’s pretty large. Plus, the buildings are rather tall. I’d rather work on the city area in one large update, than do it all in little bits. And yes, the world map is large, but that existed way before the city map did, and is still getting things added, or changed. In fact, the ruined island was totally different a the start. For a start, there was no barrier, (because there was no raft at the start then), the island had a void in the middle and there was just the ruined remains of a city. The story: Earthquake, Memory Loss, Boss, Ending.

Another reason I’d prefer a big city update is because I want to work on unique interiors for all buildings, the towers will all lead into the same apartment building and there will be a main plaza as well as the park. As you know, I want to get updates out fast. But the city update will take a while. I mean, just count all the ‘ it’s locked ‘ buildings (and the building where it leads into the same room as another one).The park, which is nearly the same size as the city map, has only just reached 50% (as of the NPC update release), and is still having things added. You can actually see that I’m trying to add many assets.  I will release a new update soon (2 days – 2 weeks), called “The Mountain Update”, and will see you later.

-The Gaming Bear

(EDIT: The park was going to be added when I started the city map, but then I forgot and remembered a couple of weeks later, and the only reason I remembered was because of the mini park entrance way not being there.)


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