Watership down review

“Fiver and I will be leaving the warren tonight… but we’ll take anyone who’s ready to come with us.”

Watership Down is a fiction book about rabbit factions. One day, a rabbit, Fiver, foresees a great danger to the warren. A small group of rabbits believe him and follow him to a hill. He has many adventures along the way, but the group finally arrives at the place for the warren. 

This book was very well written. It was gripping, and similar to BFG, it’s origin started as a story for little girls. It’s vey gripping and a very famous book. According to my mum, everyone she knew who has read the book cried. I didn’t cry while reading the book though.

Overall, this book was a gripping and great book, and it had good mini stories in. The only bad thing was that the story was 600+ pages.

I would give this a 9.9845/10

-The Gaming Bear


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