Update For The Game

So as you know, I am working on a game. A little while ago, there was no way to “win” the game. There is now a way to win the game, but not, Win Win. Currently there is no contributions and assets credits, developer credits, inspiration credits, etc. There is also no story. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have any pictures to show to you. One of the many planned missions in the game is a beach mission. I have already started working on it, as you can see:


I can’t tell you much, but the beach is accessible from the beginning of the game. Oh, and this is the first time that shadows have been added to the overworld. Personally, I don’t like the shadows here, but would go great on places like in houses, etc. I might add in shadows later. 😛

Boss Arena

Also, we’ve got a little boss battle arena. (Two debug commands are hidden here. You can get debug commands after beating the boss)

Here is where the final boss:FinalBoss

resides. Special thanks to Adorkable smile for help with making the boss + boss battle arena. Oh, and btw, this picture of the battle is not final. There may be changes to the battle.


And finally, I’m riding on a dragon. It’s hidden somewhere on ruin island. See you soon with something else!

-The Gaming Bear

(Edit: If you’re wondering why I have 5000-9000 HP, it’s because I used debug to get to   Lv. 99)


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