My thoughts on… Civ V

Have you heard of Civ 5? Probably not. It is relitavly popular, but not very. It’s a strategy game, where you play as a leader from 4000BC and become the leading empire. It’s fun, but takes a long time. In total, it takes ~400 turns to beat the game. This is actually up to a few months, and most of this is from AI loading times. Yeah, I enjoy the game, but it’s jut a bit… boring. They spiced it up a bit by adding modes, and programming it with python so you can mod easily. But… they removed the world editor. Personally, I think the world editor was the best. You could give yourself 100 nukes, or have lions as troops, and stuff. But that was in Civ 4, in Civ 5, the world editor is removed. Yeah, you could say you could mod it in, but that would take the same amount of time to program Civ 6.

Again, the game is fun, but is doesn’t have much of the content from the previous game. At least the graphics are good. Lets hope Civ 6 is better.

See ya!


(EDIT: I would recommend this game to someone else though.)

(EDIT: This game is good, but the world editor removal ruined it.)


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